Alloy wheels repaired on site on car - Est 2010 - Phone 0404 344 555

Our Team

Alex Fenech

Alex has been in the Auto Game for 15 Years and is Founder and Co Owned of Wheel Appeal for the last 10 years when you call to make an enquiry or Booking you don't speak to a receptionist you go straight to the top and speak to him.

Stephen Fenech

Chief Repairer.
Stephen is not just the founder and co-owner of Wheel Appeal but chief repairer. He regularly travels to the United States to bring back the latest in groundbreaking techniques.

Amy Hastings

Lead painter
Amy not only holds her own with the best in the industry but surpasses them,  with over 20 years experience as an Auto painter she is a towering example of someone not afraid to perfect their skills.

Paul Keep

Lead Painter
Paul is our Distinguished Veteran of he has over 40 years experience as a painter and panel beater and has been fixing wheels since Jurasic period. he has seen it all and repaired everything.