Alloy wheels repaired on site on car - Est 2010 - Phone 0404 344 555

Frequently Asked Questions

"Are my wheels repairable"?

Probably yes; best send us a picture or two so that we can give you reliable advice. If we can't do it, we will direct you to the solution!

"My wheels are cracked, bent or buckled can you repair them?"

We do not offer a repair service for cracked bent or buckled wheels. It is frequently safer safer and more cost effective to replace these rims/wheels. Most can be found in new or 2nd hand condition. We have a large contact base and can help you locate most manufacturers and aftermarket wheels.

"I want to paint my wheels Black"

Wheel Appeal can do that, we can paint them pink, purple or green; in fact we can paint them any color you choose! The only limit to the colour is your imagination and available mixes. Keep in mind that this is a much more involved task, requires time and cannot be done on site.

"Can you repair, Machine finish or Diamond Cut Wheels?"

Yes! Please contact us to discuss options and costs.

"Where do I deliver my Car?"

We are a mobile service and can come to your home or work; we don't mind as long as you have permission for us to operate in that location and that it is off public roads.