Alloy wheels repaired on site on car - Est 2010 - Phone 0404 344 555

Wheel Appeal was founded in 2010 and is Sydney’s premier mobile wheel repair company.

Wheel Appeal was founded by two industrious brothers who invented an efficient system for magnesium wheel repairs. For the first time wheel repairs could be achieved on site with a minimum of disruption for the client. We have grown into the the most reliable, trusted and effective dedicated solution to wheel repairs in Sydney. Our services are used by many of Sydney's leading dealerships and collectors of rare automobiles. 

Our service and experience is frequently emulated but never outshone!


Wheel Appeal generally operates within the greater Sydney region although occasionally we have gone much further for clients.
We will travel outside this area on occasion. 

"Sydney Metropolitan Area - as classified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, extends from Wyong and Gosford in the north to the Royal National Park in the south and follows the coastline in between. Towards the west, the region includes the Blue Mountains, Wollondilly and Hawkesbury." Source: NSW Govt